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Does your company have a strong international brand personality?

With a strong, innovative marketing presence and program in the home country.

You are continually flooded with exciting, international opportunities that never seem to get to the local market in an timely, organized and cohesive manner?

Your local team’s first priority always is to deliver against volume and value targets! New activities often get sidetracked.
Market Resolutions will support your activities by providing professional marketing support.

  • Event management ……seminars, presentations and exhibitions.
  • Coordinating aspects of a product launch…product design, packaging and overall communication.
  • Compilation and management of a professional overall marketing plan…bringing all elements into a powerful, implementable, easily understood program integrating all activities.

Typically this is the responsibility of a Senior Marketing Manager with a team of product managers supporting the plan.

Without such a team in place activities are often uncoordinated and opportunities are lost

Market resolutions will take the place of the Senior Marketing Manager and apply the same principles in a logical, cohesive manner.