Articles by Garth

Does your business “Keep the Customer satisfied”?

Simon & Garfunkel popularized this theme in the early 70’s. Do you struggle to make it a reality? Making it a reality will turn your business from good to great. And it is a two edged sword. You cannot do things that displease the customer and you must impress or…

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It is now the time to ask for that first buy!

This series has reflected that the Social Marketing journey compares to real life. Now we look at that first explicit question, that being that of asking for the first purchase. Always remember that the first purchase is not the destination but simple a step along the way. Social marketing tactics…

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Seduction and Research

The saga continues. After thorough preparation you have made that first sale.  You may have encountered obstacles but during that process you will have learned a lot about the targets’ needs, wants and desires. If you listened, that first purchase will have taught you a lot. And now is the time…

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