This series of posts explores the concepts of Social Marketing from a practical perspective.

The entrepreneur has a driven vision of his brand; often emotional, dramatic, vigorous and exciting. 

And in any professional marketing campaign sustainability and consistency is critical. The first and last day must deliver the same quality. Remember your vision is not as important as what the consumer wants to see/hear and his or her  perceptions. 

So any social campaign must focus on the target, the content must be prepared ahead of time and you must be persistent and deliver a sustainable campaign. 

Think of it like teaching.

  • It is not what the teacher says that is important rather what the pupil remembers.
  • The teachers passion for his/her subject is important but the teacher must discover that through the eyes of the pupil.
  • Exciting and revealing moments will be enjoyed but the majority of time is spent  on hard work and discipline.
  • No pupil remembers anything  he hears once. It must be consistent, be repeated and must be part of a sustainable ongoing campaign.
  • And success should never be measured in delivery but in testing and examination.

In the course of the next months I will explore this campaign in a series of blogs or discussions. 

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