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Even Seduction will face challenges!

The best plans will face challenges!

Every marketing plan goes through cycles. There are times to drive hard. There are times to confidently shout out loud. And there are times to listen, to cautiously explore, to enquire deeply and to carefully consider options. That the same as real life. You have met somebody new. You have had some exciting times. You’ve had some valuable, together times. And you now face tests and challenges and you might be re-evaluating your relationship.

It might be simple; you took a simplistic view on an issue your partner believes strongly about. Or it might be more complex; perhaps a friend said something that caused some fundamental doubt to creep in. And of course, it may more complicated than that.
Whatever the reason, it is now time for sorting things out. And if that re-evaluation creates a new commitment, then it becomes time for re-investment.

Social marketing and seduction are the same.

Before you started your campaign, you did set clear goals and objectives. And those plans carried financial commitments, implementation times and individual responsibilities. The plan forged ahead. And you compiled detailed measurements and standards.

And not just simple metrics such as likes, treats and re-tweets, shares or connects. You went deeper than that, wanting to measure the viewers involvement with your message. So, you looked not simply at clicks but at what happened to that person after they found your site. Did they stay and explore? Did they go somewhere else? Did they leave? Did they go straight back to where they were before? Did the viewer find that exploration interesting and explored to find a little more! Remember the analogy to seduction?

Your program has specific goals to achieve. That might be a purchase, it might be newsletter sign up, a webinar attendance, or a newsletter download. So, your measurement was not clicks but signups. And not simple signups, your effective signup rate is the important measure.

And when you look at it now you are not happy with the results you achieved.

If your goals and objectives are not being met, take corrective action quickly.

1. You might need to strengthen the resources (staff and/or agency) managing your plan. It might be that your responses carry the wrong tone, or are too slow and too infrequent.

2. Re-evaluate your content. Remember to look at your content though the eyes of the target. It should be interesting to the reader.

3. Review the channels you are using. Focus your efforts. Add to the mix if necessary. Remove is also an option. Simplify.

4. Email communication is one component of the overall message you must consider. If you are already doing that re-evaluate the concept you are implementing. If you are not, it is an effective and direct message that works for many brands.

5. One of the most undervalued channels is mouth to mouth. Here you must ensure that the face to face communications are saying the same things as the online communications. Perhaps you need to increase the face to face communication opportunities.

6. It may be that you need to re-evaluate your financial investment. Remember that any campaign is a combination of owned, learned and paid for activity. Each component has a role to play in the ultimate success of the campaign overall. Do not limit your success by excluding any opportunity. Consider the role of on line advertising. Advertising creates a far more direct communication opportunity and perhaps that is what you need.

Social marketing is not cheap. If you are looking for and using cheap solutions, you may well arrive at a cheap success. Remember the analogy of seduction?

And balance your investment. Your investment in time! Your investment in people! And your investment with finance!

Remember the analogy of seduction!

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Garth Sutherland has an extensive multicultural understanding.

He has worked with local brands (creating independent strategic positions) and international brands (integrating the international brand vision with the local demand to optimize the “on the ground” brand presence). His strengths include bringing a strong strategic focus into all aspects of marketing delivery, working with multi-agency perspectives, independent thinking & implementing with a consistent and practical teamwork focused delivery.

If you are looking to maximize the strategic value of your brand opportunity, Garth is the ideal resource to task.