It is now the time to ask for that first buy!

This series has reflected that the Social Marketing journey compares to real life. Now we look at that first explicit question, that being that of asking for the first purchase. Always remember that the first purchase is not the destination but simple a step along the way.

Social marketing tactics do reflect life. And always remember as with Politics, Life, Social Marketing and Seduction, it is not what you want to say that is important. It is what the target wants to hear that is critical. Politics. Life. Social Marketing. Seduction. All the same!

You have a clear company vision. The product or service has been discussed, debated and finalised. The target market has been identified. The competitors and their activities are known. The critical success factors and the USP have been written in bold black copy on all the launch documents.

The necessary resources, people, time and money, have been task allocated.

You have discussed and communicated that broadly and in detail with internal and external teams. The research, with the target market and with the intermediary channels, has been completed and supports your vision.

And all of that has been assembled into fully documented, written business, marketing and communications plans.

Now is the time to test that work and ask the target for that first purchase.

As with Seduction you have travelled a long and interesting road. Interest has been shown but until you explicitly ask the question, the question remains!

Of course, the first reply you receive might not be what you expect!

That answer might be:

  1. You must be joking! Or simply “no thank you”
  2. Negatives, somewhat avoidance in character
  3. Noncommittal but positive
  4. A positive and enthusiastic, yes

And whichever the first answer is, never ignore or simply accept it. Always listen carefully to what the target is really saying.

It is far too enticing to accept the first enthusiastic “yes” as a simple “job done” and start looking for the next sale, for other people who will give you the same, simple answer. A “bank the cheque and move on” attitude will lose you valuable information.

And to understand the first negative reply as ”they are wrong” and move ahead along the predetermined route, will also lose you valuable information.

As with Seduction, when you have one specific person you want to convince, you must listen to their specific answer and act with positive intent.

Perhaps it was an unintended insult, or bad timing, or the advice of a friend that caused the negative response. Perhaps the enthusiastic yes was a shallow moment in time, which is not in keeping with your own serious intent. The first answer, positive or negative, does not guarantee success. But the reason for that answer will give you valuable information to help achieve that success.

Enjoy the moment of the enthusiastic yes, and except the challenge that the unambiguous no delivers.

Remember the five phases you expect to travel through, before you can consider the target committed

  1. Unaware
  2. Aware
  3. Interested
  4. Engaged
  5. Supportive

And only when you get to step 5 and that target is not only buying your product or service but is actively engaged recommending your product or service that you have arrived. Until then the enthusiastic yes is only one “small” step along the way.

Listen. React. Adjust. And move on in a positive and active frame of mind.

About Garth Sutherland

Garth Sutherland has an extensive multicultural understanding.

He has worked with local brands (creating independent strategic positions) and international brands (integrating the international brand vision with the local demand to optimize the “on the ground” brand presence). His strengths include bringing a strong strategic focus into all aspects of marketing delivery, working with multi-agency perspectives, independent thinking & implementing with a consistent and practical teamwork focused delivery. 

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