6 Steps

Key to developing a marketing plan is to bring all stakeholders (staff, users, international custodians, suppliers) on board and systematically develop a cohesive, prioritized and focused plan that will be comprehensively and seamlessly delivered.

Market Resolutions will take your business through a seven step plan will achieve this.

  • Consultation with internal staff; sales, orders, operational; technical and manufacturing. Often the ideal plan, products, services and priorities already exist in the minds of the company
  • Consultation with users; consumers, applicators, specifyers, distributors. They know their requirements. Talk to them and prioritize the ideas at hand.
  • Consult with international responsibles. This will ensure your plan keeps the international personality top of mind.
  • Consult with suppliers. There may be innovations at hand that will make a significant difference to the manufacturer that first brings it to market.
  • Additional resources can be integrated with the plan at this stage including consumer research, applicator training, product development and communication aids.
  • Develop with the local management, team a formal marketing plan that is
    •  integrated ….. with a focus on available resources, team work and target delivery
    • concise …..with a focus on quickly or easily deliverable actions and
    •  comprehensive …..with a focus on future phasing of the more complex factors.
  • Followed with monthly action delivery reviews and annual updates.

Market resolutions will take the place of the Senior Marketing Responsible and apply the same principles in a logical, cohesive manner.