6. Financial

“What gets measured gets improved.”  – Peter Drucker, considered the father of Modern Management

Success is measured in many different ways.

Your direct customers might find the introductory events exciting and inspirational. The warehouse might empty ahead of planning and the stock teams might be impressed by the movement. Your social marketing communications might draw rave reviews from online media experts. And your advertising might win industry recognition and awards.

But there is really only one measure of success. Only one that really counts.

Was the profit overall to expectation? Not the gross margin at the sales line. The return on Investment (ROI) is the critical number. If that was in line with expectation your financial team will support your project. If it was not you might be looking at a serious lack of enthusiasm or even a cancellation.

As a marketer you must learn to speak the language the financial team does. That way your campaign will be sustainable and reinvestment a likely outcome. That is success.

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