1. Concepts

“This marketing philosophy has undergone a thorough and gradual change since the great Industrial Revolution that took place during the latter-half of the 18th and first-half of the 19th centuries. This gradual change can be traced under four periods and captions namely, production orientation period, sales-orientation period, customer-orientation period and social orientation period.”

All marketing strategy starts with an idea. That idea is explored and debated. In that early debate the traditional issues will be debated. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) will be argued and finalised. Customer and consumer perspectives will be confronted. Production capabilities will be examined. And so will fundamental strategy be amended, adjusted and set anew.

Much of this is fundamentally “what if” and highly theoretical in character.

This category is a collection of writings, thoughts, blogs and posts that elaborate on and add value to that. Each is a short elaboration that, when read as a collection, adds to the understanding of Marketing as a science and profession. If there is any subject you would like to see added or would like any post you have written added, please feel free to email me at marketresolutions@gmail.com.