2. Proof


“Customers may have a perceived expectation of what the product should be, and how it should compare to products that are already in the market. Understanding your customer is often quoted as essential in most areas of marketing. However, sometimes the message is lost when brands are swept away in the launch of what they perceive to be ‘the next big thing’.”

Never get lost in the excitement of the work. Always test the concept, product or service before you give the go ahead.

The simplest way of testing a marketing concept is to share it. Often the rejections one receives are the best way of refining it. And by sharing you start to bring the team behind you. Share with the research consultants and you will get precious testing advice.  Share with the production team and the final product will share some excitement. Share with the financial team and you will get invaluable support. Share with the sales team and you will get invaluable field support.

Take confidentiality into account in this thinking and share wisely.

Sharing may take the form of formal field testing, formal research, test marketing. in quiet conversations, in think tanks and in brainstorms.

And the results of your testing will give the ammunition you will often needs to motivate the doubters.

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