5. Supply Chain

“Marketers have long recognized the importance of managing distribution channel partners. As channels have become more complex and the flow of business has become more global, organizations have recognized that they need to manage more than just the channel partners. They need to manage the full chain of organizations and transactions from raw materials through final delivery to the customer— in other words, the supply chain.”

Think of the supply chain through the eyes of the final user.

Your business may be a large part or a small part of that chain.  But every component in the chain plays a contributing role to the final users’ perception of the product or the service. Every member of that chain plays a contributing role to the manner final user’s experience. If a player “drops the ball” the value perceived by the user will be reduced. 

More importantly, the reseller, the service providers, the merchandising and the support teams must be motivated and excited by the prospect your product offers. So ensure you include them in your marketing plan.

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