Seduction and Research

The saga continues. After thorough preparation you have made that first sale.  You may have encountered obstacles but during that process you will have learned a lot about the targets’ needs, wants and desires. If you listened, that first purchase will have taught you a lot. And now is the time to listen even a bit more. Your job now is to turn that satisfied customer into a raving fan. That requires listening, hearing and research!

 To turn your satisfied customer into a raving fan and maintain them in that fashion, you must not talk to them, you must not instruct them, you must not lecture them, you must listen to them.

At its simplest, listening is really just research. Skilled marketers structure that listening into organised data and act upon that organised data.

Fundamentally there are two kinds, qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research examines the how and why of decision-making, not simply the what, when and who.

On the other hand, quantitative research looks at the numbers. It is the systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques.

Qualitative research often occurs with small groups talking about a topic, seemingly in an unstructured discussion. This usually delivers insights, behaviours and questions. Out of that discussion will emerge a theory, a hypothesis or an assertion or proposition.

Proper statistical support in the form of a structured quantitative research is then used to deliver support, clarification or proof of the initial hypothesis.

Digital marketing allows an enormous amount of quantitative data to be gathered. Google Analytics (and other methodologies) will tell you how many times your page was opened, how long the webpage was open for, what the demographics of the viewer were and other such data which is fundamentally quantitative in nature. To the skilled marketer, qualitative propositions can be extracted. For example, the length the viewer stayed with the open page might imply reading in-depth, which implies you caught the viewer’s interest and attention. And where did the viewer go next? Was the male and female behaviour exactly the same? And was the behaviour across different age groups also the same? Out of that discussion will emerge propositions or assertions or hypotheses that can be researched in greater depth.

Out of that kind of target market understanding, will evolve marketing success. It becomes a little like having a map to follow on a long journey. If you know the route you intend taking, the chances are much better you will get there. If you have no map, arrival at the destination will become pure luck.

The most important issue to take into consideration when thinking about your social marketing plans, actions and successes, is that professional research is a critically important part of the cycle. Proper research will save you time and money, and the success that it delivers will build confidence in the overall marketing plan.

And back to the analogy with Seduction. The steak you had for dinner was perfectly delivered and the plate was finished. The crêpe Suzette left you wanting more. The only fact that this establishes is that your hunger has been satisfied. Your resulting hypothesis is that your partner enjoyed the moment and the experience. And of course, you should research that. Thankfully in seduction the research is quite simple. Simply ask the person out again. The answer to your question may be perfect or it may set you back, but you will be wiser for having done the research.

And so it is in business and in marketing.


About Garth Sutherland

Garth Sutherland has an extensive multicultural understanding.

He has worked with local brands (creating independent strategic positions) and international brands (integrating the international brand vision with the local demand to optimize the “on the ground” brand presence). His strengths include bringing a strong strategic focus into all aspects of marketing delivery, working with multi-agency perspectives, independent thinking & implementing with a consistent and practical teamwork focused delivery. 

If you are looking to maximize the strategic value of your brand opportunity, Garth is the ideal resource to task.

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